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Through word of mouth Future Me came to the attention of Chubbsafes.

They were looking for a new partner to help plan and develop strategic content for an international campaign.

"Great work guys, thanks for the collaboration" 

-  Chubbsafes


Our main objective was to reaffirm the brand's core values with an international audience, to get them more engaged with the brand itself as well as highlight a selection of core products from the main line.

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Anything else?

Brand personality will be forever present

- Gotcha.

An established 180 year old brand -Yes, keep going!

A loyal international following - Copy that...

Keep the content relevant for the customers of tomorrow

Will do!

Show off the product’s ease of use - But of course.

Let’s send this 👇🏽  to the creative department and see what they come 👍🏽 with.


Other than being intelligently designed, pretty much bomb proof and visually stunning – the products of Chubbsafes are a physical promise.

A promise of inner peace; we take care of your belongings so you can focus on the real things in life – love, existential curiosity, human connections and Friday night in with the family. 


This promise and the importance of family became the centre of our story. 

We wanted to create a sense of calm within our audience and to provoke an inquiry into their own take on security and what they value in their everyday lives.

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A key word we had in mind through out the campaign was effortlessness. It was the underlying tone that would help this campaign hit home. From the way the camera moved to the intertwining story lines - everything had to feel smooth and easy - like Chubbsafes itself.

A huge part of this project was locations, limited by the pandemic we had to shoot locally but thanks to our wonderful scouting team we found some perfect local places to set our scenes.

Luxurious, grand and contemporary. 


We wrapped up the final films with a modern choice of music and a younger female voice  that helps set the scene for a brand that is clearly ready for tomorrow.



We took a focused approach with the distribution on this one. We did 3 shorter cut downs of the main film, focusing on 1 character at a time, aswell as the main film itself the main film itself.

👇👇 Simple and effective👇👇


Human relevance is key. The product's usability has to be aligned with its user's needs. The moment the product becomes superfluous it's out of sync and therefore can damage the integrity of the brand and it's dedication to putting consumer experience above everything else.

Re-enforcing the alignment between product and consumer was a challenge and something that we felt we got just right. 

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