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Connecting a global brand with their audience through curated and targeted content

We were charged with the task of creating Gunnebo's International Brand Story and delivering it to their world wide audience.

Via social media, in-store screens, stalls at fairs, digital marketing, internal communication we connected their brand and their spectrum of sister companies, including 
Chubbsafes and Hamilton, with present and future customers.

The purpose of this content was to communicate outwardly with conviction why Gunnebo is at the top of their game within the Safety Storage Industry and evoke inspiration within the company.

How we did it?

We travelled to 3 continents, visited 6 sites and interviewed over 20 employees - we delved into our international network of film professionals to ensure we had great resources on the ground before we arrived on set.


The interviewees ranged from CEOs to technology leaders to production managers and floor staff, ensuring we told the full compelling story behind the international brand of Gunnebo. 

Setting the tone.

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"It has been a joy to work with Future Me on a world wide and complex film production, resulting in high-quality, on-brief material which will be the backbone of our marketing campaigns for the year ahead. I 100% recommend working with Future Me."

Caroline Copsey 

Head of Marketing, Gunnebo Safe Storage

A Global language

With such a large organisation it's vital the communication departments all talked the same language and used "on-brand" assets, no matter which corner of the world they resided in.


We therefore delivered a fully organised and workable online library. Gunnebo's world wide offices are now able to dip in and out of this library, retrieving the asset that communicates their needs and knowing with confidence it will be aligned with the Global brand.

Main Film

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