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An estate agent based in Gothenburg, passionate about the city's history and restoration of old apartments. Their desire to take care of what has already been built and preserve the city's unique history meant we hit it off with Stadshem instantly. 

Mission: bring to life through film the experience of viewing an apartment for the first time, develop the visual brand and re-enforce their passion for a building's history and essence.


Each day beautiful new apartments are sold and promoted online. The scope for content in this arena is huge. We had to create a format that was easily repeatable, and had a quick turn around.

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Text overlays, apartment presentations and considered photography were all played with to engage the public.

"Bli en del av Historien was an idea to sell more than just a beautiful apartment. It was a chance to communicate a feeling of pride in taking care of the past and continuing the story so far."


# Bli en del av Historien.

Searching through archive photography we found some perfect imagery that we brought to life to tell the story of Arsenalsgatan 4. 


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