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When corona hit our industry and a few projects were put on hold we re-thought our strategy and thought how we can help the people most heavily affected by the crisis.



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Mission: How to bring the live music experience to the public when live events had been banned across the world?


As well as making high level, loud and live content we also wanted to engage the audience and make them part of the show.


Through interviews, message read out, shout outs and zoom call-ins we allowed the bands to interact with their fans in a way that wasn't available before. 

Some of the bands we've worked with in this way are Dungen, Horisont, Spiders, Franska Trion, Slowgold,

Henning & West of Eden, with more to come.

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We fell in love with this, as-of-yet unexplored way of communicating with your favourite bands. Spontaneous, online and on the go.

We have teamed up with Gaffa on a few of these live streams, and we are currently developing our ideas into something new as we speak - fun!

Think Twitch for musicians. 

Watch this space!

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